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Friday, March 27, 2009

Calling All Companys

Hello everyone. As I create and edit my list of articles for this blog. I am currently seeking Company's dealing in the pressure washing field to ad a link to this blog from your website.
You can place the link anywhere you wish on your website. My first priority for this link is search page results and second is of course traffic from your site checking out here for articles and tips on how to pressure wash. In exchange for placing the link on your website I am offering lifetime advertising in my yearly buyers guide and chances to get your company's name out there to our readers by hosting interviews I will conduct via email to random company's listed in the buyers guide. These interviews will talk about your business or products you sell or are promoting.
Business listings are on a first reply best spot system in the listings of what you are selling so the faster you reply the higher your spot in the buyers guide.

Thanks to all whom reply,

Nick Lantz

Update: If you are viewing this site from an email you have received from me. There is an error in the second link. It contains the wrong information and should read
<*a href=">Pressure Washing<*/a>

Please make sure your link is to here and remove the * in the <*a and <*/a> parts of the link


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