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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Pressure washing a deck or can be time consuming but it is simple. You can use just about any type of pressure washer. You can even usually do it chemical free without the need of buying deck cleaner's. If you have a stained or painted deck you may need to purchase some type of paint stripper or deck cleaner. However, before you start to go out and buy paint strippers give it a good once over with your pressure washer. The trick to Power washing deck's is to use the right amount of pressure applied to the deck boards and how you go about pressure washing it. You can use a cheap $150 weekend warrior power washer picked up from your local home depot or walmart but it will take you more time and effort than a $500 gas powered power washer would so if you are doing this for yourself every now and then go ahead and get the cheep $100 version. In fact there is a less chance that you will damage the deck by useing a lower powered pressure washer than using a hi power pressure washer. I often use a lower GPM version wile doing cleaning to the interior of fire damaged housing or interior brick work because of the lower amount of water flow. But if you are planning to go at pressure washing decks as a means of income, Then it is best for you to ether rent one from somewhere and do a couple decks within a weekend to get the funds to buy one or just go out and buy one.
The second trick to pressure washing decks is the rate of speed you are moving across the boards at . Try to keep at a speed of about half foot per second with your are power washing.
Another big tip is to NEVER use a 0deg red tip or turbo nozzle on wood EVER! Doing so will damage the deck and you will end up with a deck full of scars and splinters and end up sanding the whole thing down to create a even Finnish. Use a yellow or green tip. Last trick is to ALWAYS power wash with the grain of the deck going the whole length of the board's. Failing to do so will end up with splinters and pit the boards where the pressure busted out the grain.
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